Tuesday 10 December, 2019

Emojis aren't just for fun, they're also for business

An ‘Emoji’ is a small digital icon used to express an idea or emotion. It’s the language used by the text and social media savvy to communicate. The lexicon of emojis can create diverse and impactful messages, while fitting perfectly in a digital landscape, one where visual packs a more powerful punch than words.

Brands and advertisers can tap into the emotional language of emojis to produce visuals that reach a target audience in an innovative way. By using the digital space as a canvas and emojis as paint, advertisers can enhance their marketing message with a refreshing tone and clever visuals.

How to make emojis stand out on social media:

Humour - Emojis can mean different things to different demographics. (Eg. a smiley emoji can be both flirtatious or endearing, depending on the context) Using these quirks to one’s advantage can create situational comedy which will help a piece of advertorial content go viral


Minimalism - The fact that these icons carry all this expression in a simple form is what makes them a powerful marketing tool. Warning - don’t overdo it!. Use the emojis to tell an easy and relatable message.


Emotion - Emojis express feelings, and capturing this creates an easier connection to your followers and potential clients. Showing love, happiness or any other genuine reaction to your brand is how emojis can have an impact.


The use of emojis spans different social media platforms. Emojis can be placed in the titles of articles encouraging people to click, on Facebook to prompt a specific reaction, or on Instagram as a call to action. 

And emojis aren’t confined to the digital space as they are now found on merchandise like pillows and t-shirts, showcasing their unique ability to cross demographics and translate across cultures.

With this mind, plus the fact that they inherently encourage shares, shows how emojis are prime tools to activate in any social media campaign.

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