Sunday 5 April, 2020

Energy Minister requests Petrotrin investigation after new report

Minister of Energy and Energy Industries Franklin Khan has written to the Board of Petrotrin requesting an investigation after comments were made during Parliament regarding the discovery of an internal report. 

In a statement issued May 3, the Ministry said the question was raised by St Augustine MP Prakash Ramadhar on April 27 in Parliament relating to issues cited by attorney-at-law Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, legal representative of A&V Oil and Gas Ltd., at a recent press conference. 

Ramadhar asked the Minister whether he was aware of "an Internal Audit Report that identifies deficiencies in Standard Operating Procedures by Petrotrin for the measurement of crude oil and a practice which, if continued, would be 'disastrous' to Petrotrin's Refinery".

Khan said he was not aware of any such report however, given the nature of the issues, he contacted the Chairman of Petrotrin requesting that the matter be investigated and a report prepared and submitted to him as soon as possible, together with a copy of any relevant Internal Audit Report. 

Maharaj said the Petrotrin report was passed to him by Ramadhar who received it through his constituency office.

He said the report could vindicate A&V Drilling as it identified a number of flaws in Petrotrin's procedures, including "a lack of adherence to Standard Operating Procedures by Petrotrin’s refinery personnel, inaccurate measurements of fluid volumes, poor crude sampling procedures, inadequate tankage for the proper treatment and storage of crude, poor supervision, lack of training and poor contract management as serious defects in the system”.

He said Petrotrin and government should take steps to redress the "injustice done to A&V Drilling", after the company's contract with Petrotrin was terminated over findings that it was paid for crude oil it did not produce. 



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