Tuesday 24 November, 2020

Enhanced customer service and new location for Tobago Licensing Office

The Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Tobago. (Photo courtesy tha.gov.tt)

The Division of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Tobago. (Photo courtesy tha.gov.tt)

The Tobago Licencing Office will be upgraded to improve the conditions for staff and to enhance the customer’s experience.

A statement from the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment at the Tobago House of Assembly on Tuesday, noted that Tobagonians can expect enhanced service delivery early October as Licensing Department staff prepares to become the first occupants at Milshirv Complex.

Infrastructure Secretary Kwesi Des Vignes said emphasis would be placed on providing customers with the best experience.

“Enhancing customer service in the public sector is a key undertaking of the Assembly– providing an infrastructural upgrade to the Licensing Department is a positive step in this direction as the Administration moves to treat with issues regarding the quality of workspaces and health and safety of employees while on the job. We are aware that aging infrastructural issues can affect the quality of working experience and productivity. Hence, we are committed to renewing the workspaces of our employees overtime.”

Tendering is expected to begin on Friday, August 11, as the Eco-Industrial Development Company of Tobago (E-IDCOT) is responsible for sourcing an appropriate contractor to treat with the retrofitting, partitioning and electrical works on the ground floor of the Complex.

At the beginning of the third quarter, Licensing Staff was engaged in a series of training to prepare for the transition. While Administrative services would be relocated to the Complex, Inspection and Testing would remain at the Shaw Park offices.

Restoration work to offices at Shaw Park is now 97% completed.

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