Sunday 27 September, 2020

Ex-wife of former Life Sport educator Adolphus Daniel sues State

A constitutional claim has been brought against the State for the failure by a High Court judge to deliver a decision over eight years from the start of the trial.

According to court documents, the motion was filed on Friday at the High Court.

The particular decision involves Ingrid Daniel, the former wife of Adolphus Daniel, who filed for divorce in May 2004 yet is still awaiting judgment in relation to the division of the properties of the marital assets.

At the time of the divorce, the marital assets were worth approximately TT$33million dollars.

However, since then Daniel who had been named in the ‘infamous’ Life Sport Programme, added an alleged 34 million dollars to his assets.

His former wife Ingrid Daniel in her claim alleges Justice Joseph Tam’s failure to give a decision for nine years, having completed the trial of the case in January of 2009, has rendered her impecunious, yet still hav­ing to pro­vide for the chil­dren of the fam­i­ly in­clud­ing their ed­u­ca­tion ex­pens­es. 

Daniel’s ex-wife is seek­ing a de­c­la­ra­tion that her con­sti­tu­tion­al right had been in­fringed as well as an or­der com­pelling Tam to de­liv­er his de­ci­sion with­in sev­en days of the judge­ment in the law­suit.

Ingrid Daniel is represented by Christophe Rodriguez, Akiri Heath-Adams and Elena Da Silva-Ottley.

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