Saturday 24 August, 2019

Expect more hot days, forecaster says

A scorching maximum daily temperature of 34.9 ⁰C was recorded yesterday, registering a heat index of 40.6 ⁰C.

According to Met Office forecaster Albert Alexander, citizens should expect average temperatures in the range of 34 ⁰C, sometimes climbing higher, for the rest of August.

Speaking with LoopTT, Alexander admitted that yesterday’s forecast high was a “bit high”, but nothing out of the ordinary.

He attributed prevailing hot conditions to light winds in the lower part of the atmosphere with little cloud cover and hardly any moisture.

In light of these conditions, he said another hot day should be expected today.

“You will definitely get a hot day. We have another hot day, if it would exceed 34.9 degrees – I doubt very much.”

“We already forecast 34 degrees which is the average for the month of August.”

Alexander also sought to clarify the difference between the maximum temperature recorded yesterday and the one registered on the heat index.

“When you see 40 something degrees, that would be on the Feels Like Index…We don’t measure the Feels Like temperature. That is the temperature you would feel if you are walking around outside in Port of Spain.”

“We have certain criteria, globally, which is used to measure temperature,” Alexander added.

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