Sunday 26 May, 2019

Experience sensory overload at CinemaOne's 4DX

Imagine tumbling, speeding and crashing through scenes along with your favourite movie characters, while getting splashed with water or feeling wind rush against your face.

That’s just some of the sensory overload you’ll experience when you sit through the 4DX experience at Cinema One in One Woodbrook Place.

4DX is a motion picture technology developed in South Korea that fully immerses the viewer into the movie experience, matching the motion of the 4DX seats to what’s happening on screen.

Loop TT was invited to a special media screening of Robin Hood in 4DX at the newly opened theatre in Cinema One.

While the action scenes obviously provide the most vigorous 4DX experience, the seat also vibrates and moves along with quieter scenes, matching the music or certain subtle actions, like the flick of a coat or bird flapping its wings.

If you prefer to have a water-free experience, you do have the option of switching the water off on the seat console.

Asked why a customer might choose a 4DX experience over a traditional film viewing, CinemaOne’s Marketing Executive Kristina Celestine said, “The public should consider it as it is an enhanced cinematic experience that allows moviegoers to truly immerse themselves with the movie feature or what is playing on the screen with effects that target four out of your five senses - sight, hearing, touch/feel and smell - truly giving you a sense of the elements in the movie.”

CinemaOne’s 4DX experience is currently in the testing phase, which customers are invited to take part in.

Celestine says they hope to fully launch the 4DX theatre by the end of the year.

While most shows will run for just one week at a time (Wednesday to Tuesday), Robin Hood, which is currently showing in the 4DX theatre, is expected to run for two weeks.

Celestine says they plan to select films for the 4DX experience that are different from the ones showing at the IMAX and Gemstone theatres but noted that not all films are 4DX formatted.

All this said, 4DX may not be for everyone. For example, persons that are pregnant, elderly and physically or mentally sensitive are not advised to use a 4DX auditorium.

The cost of the 4DX experience is $100 TTD for adults and $85 TTD for seniors and children.

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