Wednesday 28 October, 2020

Expired driver’s permits valid until December

A Trinidad and Tobago driver's permit sample

A Trinidad and Tobago driver's permit sample

Minister of Works and Transport, Rohan Sinanan has announced that driver’s permits which would have expired since March 27, will be valid until December 31. 

In today’s Post Cabinet Media Briefing, Sinanan said most types of expirations will benefit from the extension. It covers driver's permits, taxi driver's licenses, badges, certificates and other documents.

“That should be gazetted, I think it was yesterday or today and then that information will be out in the public. Where once you have a permit that was expired before the end of September, it will be valid to the end of December,” he said. 

The Minister added that the extension will give the Ministry more time to review expired documents in the way that they need to. He explained that COVID-19 has limited the speed with which matters like this can be treated. 

“We must recognise that because of the social distancing, we have to give appointments where we don’t have this bottleneck at the license office and what we found is a significant amount of renewals; almost 100 per cent more than you’d usually have this period,” he said. 

Should extra time be required, Sinanan said they’ll be open to extending further. 

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