Tuesday 25 February, 2020

Family frantic as diver goes missing

One family is hoping against hope that deep sea diver and father of two, Chevonne Bartholomew, may still be alive after he went missing while diving on Monday. 

Public Relations Officer at the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG), Lieutenant Sherron Manswell, said they received a call around 10:00 am on Monday that Bartholomew had gone missing at sea while diving approximately five miles off Gasparee Island.

Manswell said the company Bartholomew worked for began an initial search however when they were unsuccessful, the TTCG was called in to assist.

Due to rough seas and strong currents, the TTCG was forced to call off the search temporarily, then resumed the search from 3:00 pm until evening around Carrera Island and the Five Islands. However, sadly, there were no sightings. 

Manswell said the TTCG is continuing their search today with the assistance of aerial support. 

Bartholomew's sister asked for friends to pray for his safe return.

"My brother in law is a deep sea diver. He has gone missing at sea. We are believing he is on a rock waiting to be rescued! Please PRAY," she said. 

Family friend Avonelle Hector-Joseph also asked for others to join her in prayer for his safe return.

Since I got the news I have been praying. I don't sleep straight so once I got up I have been praying through the night. Pls join with many others pray that this guy would be found alive. Really nice guy, was at his wedding, the Regis family is very dear to my heart. He is a deep-sea diver and went missing yesterday."

Faith Assembly International also prayed for his safe return.

“Hi FAI family, we are asking for immediate prayer for this family. Pete-Ann Bartholomew and BartholomewChevonne. Please pray for Chevonne's safe return and pray for peace for his wife and kids while they wait to hear back. Please join us this morning in prayer and help get the word around to those that know them."

More as this story is updated. 

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