Monday 30 March, 2020

Feeling the chill: 10 coldest temperatures on record in T&T

Stock image via Unsplash.

Stock image via Unsplash.

While the 2019 dry season has seen reduced rainfall thus far, Trinidad and Tobago has experienced something else.

Say hello to cooler nighttime temperatures, which have already dipped below 20 degrees Celsius on some nights.

Colder temperatures during the early morning period are not uncommon during the dry season due to reduced cloud cover and colder winds blowing in from the north.

While some are feeling the chill with temperatures averaging around a cool 22 degrees Celsius over the past few nights, Trinidad and Tobago has seen much cooler nights dipping well below January 2019’s coldest temperature on record of 19 degrees Celsius.

Here are ten of the coldest temperature recorded in Trinidad and Tobago by the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (Met Office):

Year                Month             Day(s)                         Temperature

1964               January            21, 30                           16.1

1979               February          24                                 16.3

1976               January            28                                 16.4

1978               January            17                                 16.4

1973               January            27                                 16.5

1964               February          03                                 16.7

1965               February          23                                 16.7

1968               February          13                                 16.7

1975               January             04                                16.8

1962               March               02                                17.2     


Data provided to LoopTT by the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service.

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