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Fete freshmen: 30+ new fetes to debut for Carnival 2019

Ladies Night Out

Ladies Night Out

Editor's note: First published on November 26, 2018 and updated on January 31, 2019, with new fetes that have been added to the Carnival calendar. 


You know Carnival is in the air when the first edition of the fete calendar drops.

Copies are made and posted on your office wall so you know at a glance which pump you and the crew are heading to. Whatsapp groups start buzzing about who's organising the maxi. Old "friendships" are rekindled with that one committee friend who has all the links. 

We have a long season to look forward to which means that we can space out the pace ahead. It also means that while you've probably already booked tickets for your faves, you may have some extra time to check out some of the new Carnival fetes on the block.  

From "Bacchanal Brunch" to "A Really Cheap Carnival Cruise", here are over 30 new fetes making their debut on the Carnival 2019 fete calendar. 


January 5

Boozin'-Cooler Fete


January 6


Up On Yuh Cooler


January 12

A Really Cheap Carnival Cruise 


January 13

TRIBE, Bliss, Harts, The Lost Tribe, ROGUE and Pure present: Hydrate Wet Fete

Sekon Sunday


January 18 

Vibez and Chaser Cooler Fete 


January 19 

Pêche Pâtisserie presents: Cocktails, Canapés and Soca 


January 20

Wine on Rum Street 


January 26 

Liquid Cooler Fete 


January 27

Festival of Colour: Street


Straight Outta Belmont: St. Francis Boys College fete 


February 1 

Bacchanal Fete

Air Committee "OUT" Cooler Cruise


February 7

Luau Block-O

Machel Montano Live at Woodford Cafe


February 8 

Mad Ants Cooler Fete

GT-Sea Colours of Carnival Cruise 


February 9

Yuh Siding

Liquid Cooler Fete 


February 10

Pre P11MP Sunset Cruise 

Trailer Street Festival 

Wine on Rum Street

Phoenix Cooler Fete (Holy Name Convent)


February 15

Tobago Loves Soca (TLS) Weekend (Soca Spree)

Cruise with the Saints (St. Mary's College)


February 16 

Tobago Loves Soca (TLS) Weekend (Dusk in White) 

Bacchanal Brunch 


February 17 

Tobago Loves Soca (TLS) Weekend (Wet n Wild) 

There Goes The Sun


February 21 

One Day Festival: Faluma-Allison Hinds


February 22

Lookout Cooler Fete

She Wasn't Ready Cruise


February 23


Island Crashers present Jungle J'ouvert 


February 24 

Vybe Semi-Inclusive 

White & Anything Cruise 


February 25

Pirate Parts Cooler Cruise 


February 26 

Tailgate Carnival 


February 27 

Team Soca 'Soca is Life'

Funky Monkey Cooler Fete 

Rum + Roti Cooler Fete

Team Soca "Soca is Life"

Sunglasses and Soca 

Undrunkable Wednesday


February 28

Shorts in Town

Drink, Drank, Drnuk


March 1

Rise & Jam Breakfast Raff Up 

Chamkay Cooler Fete 

Carnival Estate Cooler Fete 

Live to Fete All Inclusive


March 2 

Scorch "Pandemonium" 

iHeartSoca Cooler Fete 

Jetty Carnival

Boatyard Cooler Fete 

Flaunt on Deck


March 3 

Scorch Rise & Wine 

Pumped Cooler Experience 

Big Phat Chill Cooler Fete 

iUP Block-O

Havoc Pool Party



March 6

Refresh Cooler Fete


March 7

Drink Up-Drinks Inclusive 

Sargasso Drinks Inclusive


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