Thursday 4 June, 2020

Fete Insider: Kairi People talk Different and Breakfast Is

Image: Kairi People

Image: Kairi People

The Kairi People team stopped by our studio to talk about two of their upcoming events, Different and Breakfast Is. 

Different, hosted Sunday, February 4, is popularly known for giving guests value for money, providing a full all-inclusive experience for only $450.  

Its counterpart, Breakfast Is, hosted on Carnival Sunday morning, is touted as the country's best-kept secret, a premium breakfast party with all the comforts any patron would want, from a full cast of soca artistes to a full complimentary premium bar and full breakfast...all for $500. 

Find out more about why you're missing out on two of the most underrated and bang-for-your-buck fetes of the season. 


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