Monday 17 December, 2018

Fete Review: PREStige lives up to the hype with undeniable vibes

Disclaimer: I am from the North of Trinidad. I am a Northerner. I am from as far North of the wall as they come, and yes, that was a Game of Thrones reference.

For the second time in this short Carnival season, I once again made my way down to the South of Trinidad, for fete purposes. This weekend it was the prestigious, PREStige fete and fundraiser held by Presentation College in San Fernando.

On reaching to PREStige, I was greeted with the normal fanfare and spread of food and drink that most of us come to expect at an all-inclusive event. There were all the usual suspects, champagne, Belvedere vodka, Johnny Walker (the bartender knew my face and drink order by heart by the end of the night…it’s Johnny Green, neat, with a splash of water), and of course Angostura.

Being a Northerner on an adventure to the ‘Southland’, on reaching the culinary area of the event, I decided to make a beeline to the doubles man; I was in South after all.

The range of food on display was not as impressive as I had experienced in a few other all-inclusive events, but there were some true standouts, with Chinese delicacies such as spring rolls and pot stickers being fried on the spot, so patrons were treated to hot and crispy servings. Roast pork was most present, as it remains a popular staple for many all-inclusive fetes, along with bake and shark, Thai cuisine, and a very impressive Creole station that served up what was called, ‘Patois Trini Lamb’, and was probably the best lamb dish I had ever sampled.

PREStige 2018

What was quite fun however, were the audio facilities in the dining area - smaller speakers set up at the perimeter of the area which allowed patrons to remain locked into the action while dining, in fact, many people could be seen chipping, waving and dancing along in the designated dining section.

This was a sample of the authentic vibe that I experienced at PREStige, which in truth and in fact, was the most surprising yet most enjoyable aspect of this event. Simply put, ‘people in South know how to fete!’ From the very start of the event to the end, the energy was electric. The attendees at PREStige knew exactly why they were there, and that was to have a good time, which they did with no hesitation.

It was a star-studded night of performances with appearances from the All Stars who featured Ricardo Drue, Problem Child, Lyrikal, and Patrice Roberts, who had the crowd eating out of the palm of her hand and fully supporting her campaign for the Road March title.

The guests of PREStige were also treated to a masterful performance by one of the greats in Reggae music, Barrington Levy who treated us all to his catalogue of hits, as the crowd sang along note for note.

Of course the headline act on the night did not disappoint, son of the soil and Presentation ‘ole boy’, Kees, was there with his full band and gave the eager crowd a powerful performance that featured his numerous hits for the season, and also welcomed Patrice Roberts back on to the stage for their performance of the hit collaboration, “Like It Like That”.

From the food to the drinks on offer, to the amazing performances, the stand out feature was still the contagious spirit of this event that encouraged everyone to just let loose and have a good time without a second thought. PREStige, you have definitely earned yourself a new fan!

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