Thursday 9 July, 2020

Finnish airline begins weighing passengers

You might want to rethink eating a big meal if flying with Finnish airline, Finnair. 

According to a report by USA Today, Finnair began weighing passengers boarding their flights from last week.

The airline is reportedly surveying customers to see whether their estimates for calculating total weight, fuel and safety are accurate, according to Finnair Communications. 

The airline asked approximately 180 customers to voluntarily step on the scale with their luggage before their flight and said that so far, feedback has been positive and customers understood the importance of the data collection.

The airline currently uses European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) passenger standard weight estimates, but wanted to make sure the average weight estimates are still valid.

They need a total of 2,000 passengers to volunteer to be weighed in order to accurately understand their regular payloads.

The report said the project will continue throughout the rest of the year into early 2018 in order to get data from different routes during different seasons.

“The weighing is purely voluntary and anonymous, and only the customer service agent sees the weighing result,” Finnair Communications told USA TODAY.

Finnair flies to several major airports including New York, London, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. 

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