Five doubles spots you can still get doubles for $4

Several doubles vendors have been reported today as raising the cost of their doubles to $5, $1 more than the nation has grown accustomed to paying for their favourite breakfast fix.

While the nation is up in arms over this supposed increase in the cost of doubles, some vendors are saying: have no fear. 

1. Sauce Doubles (Curepe)

"It's still $4 and will remain $4. We have no plans to raise the price of our doubles."


2.  Panks Doubles (UWI, St. Augustine)


3. Hassanali's (Montrose, Chaguanas)

"Increasing the cost of doubles will do nothing for our business but drive away customers. We are not raising the cost."


4. Medford Doubles (opposite Medford Gas Station, Chaguanas)


5. Jack and Marlene's Doubles (Aranguez Main Road)

"We have NOT raise the price of our doubles just yet. Doubles is still $4 and triples $5.

However, in the future if cost of production(raw materials) increase, we will have to increase. In that case you all will be notified."