Sunday 26 May, 2019

Five the Eatery - where health and comfort food meet

Bake and Shark Taco at Five the Eatery

Bake and Shark Taco at Five the Eatery

Five strong women, five-star food and five future locations.

That’s the story behind the name of Five the Eatery, a new food joint set to open its doors at Maraval Plaza on Wednesday 31 October.

Owner Daynah Buxo is new to the restaurateur game but knew there was a niche to fill upon returning home from studying Hospitality and Tourism at George Brown University in Canada. 

Buxo and her dad developed the idea for Five, and she set about involving her sisters in the venture. 

LoopTT was invited ahead of the opening to sample the menu, described as “gourmet comfort food” that can be enjoyed both dine in and take away. 

Comfort food, yes, but you can’t miss the visibly healthy offerings on the menu - like Quinoa Salad listed very comfortably next to Chorizo Mac n’ Cheese.

The unconventional mix of comfort food and health food is not accidental. 

“The whole concept of the healthy and comfort food is kind of That is what I like and that is what I wanted to bring to Trinidad,” said Buxo. 

Guests at the sampling got a taste of what is to come from Five the Eatery, whose menu was designed by consulting Executive Chef Brigitte Joseph. 

Five the Eatery

A clear favourite was the “Bake and Shark” Tacos - a beer battered fish wrapped in a flour tortilla and topped with caramelized pineapple chow, chadon beni aioli and tamarind sauce. It’s one of three soft shell taco options on the menu.

Another standout for us at LoopTT was the Tomato and Bell Pepper Bisque which sported a rich, creamy roasted flavour. If you’re desperate for a good soup (of the non-corn or cow-heel variety) and this might just be it. 

And no comfort food menu is complete without the aforementioned Mac n’ Cheese offering - of which Five has three - classic Mac n’ Cheese, Chorizo Mac n’ Cheese and Vegan Mac n’ Cheese, which we sampled and thoroughly enjoyed. 

The look and feel at Five is modern, minimalist and sleek. It’s clean without being clinical. While grab and go is a big part of the concept for Five, the vibe might make you linger, maybe hang out for just a bit longer and indulge in an iced coffee or fruit-infused sparkling water. 

Five the Eatery will also be open for breakfast from 7 am from Monday to Saturday. 

In short, if you’re looking for comfort food with a healthy twist that can be enjoyed on the run or in an upscale bistro setting then Five the Eatery just might be the answer to your foodie prayers.

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