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Thursday 13 August, 2020

Five stops for a Trini foodie roadtrip

Trinidad and Tobago’s secret as a foodie destination is being discovered, due in part to our delicious and reasonably priced local food.

Here are five food places you won’t regret going out of your way to try.

Start your journey in Curepe, take a detour along the North Coast, then gradually make your way down South for these five delicious foodie stops during your road trip.

1. Sauce Doubles

(Photo: Micaiah Jeffers)

Start the day right with this deliciously filling, vegetarian breakfast courtesy the original Sauce Doubles. Located in Curepe, the Original Sauce Doubles has been a staple, helping to put T&T’s favourite street food on the map with locals and foreigners, and at $5 per doubles, your belly might ‘buss’ but your pocket won’t.  Make sure to grab a cold Solo Apple J from the cooler and make the perfect pairing for your doubles.


2. Bake and Shark

Take a cool drive up to Maracas Beach for what some might say is the most delicious fish sandwich in the world.

Although traditionally, Trinbagonians love bake and shark (or shark and bake as some odd people call it), recent environmental reports indicate that some types of shark, such as the mako, are in danger of overfishing.

One might, alternatively, try ‘bake and fish’, using alternative fillings such as king fish or even shrimp, which is equally delicious.

After eating, you can wash down your delicious bake and shark down with a crispy cold Solo Ginger Ale and take a little dip.


3. Sombat’s Thai Cuisine

Thai food in Trinidad? Yes please! Sombat’s Thai Cuisine has a special lunch menu and features a range of Thai dishes at fairly reasonable prices. Located at 209 Southern Main Road, Spring Village, Valsayn, you can head over there before you make your way down to the South land. 


4. Mona’s Roti

Located on the Southern Main Road (Opposite Marabella Police Station), Mona’s is referred to by some as ‘fold-up food’, that is, food so good you just need to rest and savour the moment. Mona’s is very popular so it might be good to get there a bit early.


5. BBQ Kings

Located on SS Erin Road, Duncan Village, BBQ Kings may be a little out of the way, but their customers will say it’s worth the drive. Whether you want a regular chicken combo or their dreamy large lamb and fries combo, rest assured your BBQ needs will be well taken care of.

There you have it, five of some of the most delicious food stops worth the drive.

What are some of your favourite food places? Let us know in the comments for Part 2 of this list.

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