Wednesday 30 September, 2020

Five things to make with mangoes

It's mango season. 

Everywhere in the Caribbean, juicy mangoes are hanging low from trees tempting us mere mortals with the promise of their juiciness.

But while enjoying a mango in its natural form is always pleasurable, there are other ways to enjoy it. 

Here are five things you could do with your mangoes. 

1) Make chow: If you have a palate for savoury treats, chow is the item for you. Cut up half ripe mangoes into cubes or slices and marinate with garlic, chadon beni, salt and pepper (black and sauce). 

2) Make a smoothie: Throw some mango in your Magic Bullet, blend with a little milk and other frozen fruit for a delicious drink.  

3) Toss it in a salad: Brighten up a salad with some ripe mango cubes, grilled chicken, lettuce, red onions, corn and sprinkled with olive oil. 

4) Make a mango salsa: Forget the store bought stuff, make your own salsa with mangoes, crushed pineapple, bell peppers, olive oil, cilantro and garlic.

5) Enjoy a cocktail: End your week with a tasty mango cocktail mixed with the alcohol of your choice. Recipes abound on the Internet, so find one and enjoy!

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