Tuesday 27 October, 2020

Five things you need when your baby is born

You’ve picked out the cutest clothes and pulled out all the stops for your baby’s arrival, but are you 100 percent prepared for the big day?

Here are five things you’ll need when your baby is born.

1. A name – Your baby’s first name is the one of the most important parts of registration and will be a part of his/her identity as a national of Trinidad and Tobago.  You can always change the name or add additional names to the birth certificate up to 11 months after the birth of your child, so choose a first name that you love before heading off to the hospital to give birth.

2. Mother’s Name – In order to register your baby, the national ID card of the mother must be presented to the District Registrar.

3. Father’s Name – If the mother and father are married, they must present their marriage certificate to add the baby’s father to the registration form.  If the baby’s parents are unmarried, the father and mother must appear together at the District Registrar and present both ID cards to register the birth.

4. Birth Notification Card – This card is issued by the hospital or medical centre and must also be part of your registration.

5. Electronic Birth Certificates – The electronic birth certificates of mother and father must be presented at the time of registration. 

After registering your baby, you can go online to request the electronic birth certificate.  Your baby’s first birth certificate is free. You can apply online or visit any of the Registrar General Department Offices to apply in person.  

Simply fill out the application form and submit the completed form in the Civil Registry at any of the four locations of the Registrar General’s Department in Port of Spain, Arima, San Fernando or Tobago.  

Mail in applications can also be sent via TTPost or TTConnect offices nearest to you. Online applications carry a processing fee of $25, but your application is processed faster

To download the application form, click here or apply online via the online services section of our website www.legalaffairs.gov.tt

Registration of your baby is the first step in shaping their future as a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago!  Their Name. Their Identity. Your Responsibility.

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