Saturday 31 October, 2020

Five of T&T’s most beautiful waterfalls

Trinidad and Tobago is famous for Carnival, oil and the steel pan, but how many Trinis have visited some of the country’s beautiful, hidden nature sites?

Here’s a list of five of the country’s most breath-taking nature sites:

1. Three Pools, Marianne River

Three Pools has become a popular haunt (for better or worse) with hikers and tourists alike. The falls are located along the Marianne River on the eastern end of Blanchisseuse.

Hikers can take a short twenty-minute walk from the Spring Bridge, heading upstream alongside the riverbank.

Alternatively, one can take a longer circuit hike through the forest and then proceed down the river, gazing upon gigantic ancient trees while listening to the beautiful trill of various birds.

Three Pools takes its name after a series of three tiers of clear pools in the upper part of the river, which leads into a steep rock shelf.

Adventurous hikers can leap off the rocks into the pool below.

With the growing popularity of the falls and fairly easy access, however, there have been reports of littering at this nature site, and visitors are asked to carry garbage bags and clean up any litter they spot.


2. Rio Seco Waterfall

Another beautiful nature spot is the Rio Seco Waterfall, a small cascading fall that plunges into a beautiful turquoise pool framed by towering forest trees.

The 30-minute walk to the falls is best done during the dry season as the trail can get quite muddy during the rainy season.

Once descending down into the glade, the falls are approached by swimming across the fairly deep pool and climbing up a rope which was kindly placed there by a previous explorer.

Hikers can then jump off the falls into the pool below.

As the walk may take some time, pack some sandwiches and drinks to keep hydrated and refreshed, and remember to tidy up after and take back any garbage you might find. 


3. Argyle Falls, Tobago

Tobago’s famous Argyle Falls are a beautiful well-known site and are frequently visited by Trinis and tourists alike.

Destination T&T describes the falls at a distance of 175 feet (54 metres) and is comprised of three levels, accessible by a fairly vigorous climb.

The falls can be reached after a short 20-minute trek, after paying an entrance fee of $50.

To make it a real experience try taking along some of Tobago's delicious curry conch and dumplings and then wash it down with a crispy-cold Apple J...heaven.

Make sure to clean up after!


(Photo: Quinton Quesnel)

4. Turure Water Steps

Island Hikers describes the Turure Water Falls as an ‘ecological gem’ - located in the valley of Cumaca, the rock upon which the river flows is composed of limestone, while placed along its bed are layers of sedimentary rock.

The river has ‘jacuzzi-like’ pools and beautiful waterfalls, forming natural giant ‘steps’ leading upstream to the falls.

The guide says the best time to visit is during the rainy season when the pools are full.

The hike itself takes approximately 30 minutes, and there are also additional cascades and even a hidden cave, further upstream.

While exploring, stop off for lunch with some cheese paste sandwiches and a cold Solo Ginger Ale to keep energy levels up. 

As always, the beauty of forests, birds and other wildlife can also be seen. 


5. Paria Falls, Blanchisseuse

Can’t decide between the river or the ocean? Then you need to visit Paria Falls.

The hike is doable for beginners and features beautiful views of North Coast, trekking through the North Coast forest then across Paria Beach.

Hikers will spot the famous Turtle Rock formation, a 50-foot peninsula which overlooks the coast.

After a short 15-minute walk inland from Paria Beach, hikers will come across the crystal clear, beautiful Paria Falls as it cascades down from a height of 10 feet, plunging into a blissfully refreshing plunge pool.

As the hike may take some time, pack some snacks and a few drinks to keep you pumping; and remember to take back all garbage with you. 


What are some of your favourite beauty spots in T&T?

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