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Thursday 13 August, 2020

Flood Heroes: Kalpoo brothers rescue residents in Kelly Village

Navin Kalpoo and his brother Ravi are being hailed as heroes.

Navin Kalpoo and his brother Ravi are being hailed as heroes.

After spending the day rescuing people in Kelly Village, Navin Kalpoo and his brother Ravi are back on the road today to ensure the people they rescued have food to eat.

The brothers are being hailed all over social media for the rescue work they did on Saturday ferrying stranded residents of Kelly Village to shelters.

Kelly Village experienced severe flooding after the heavy showers on Friday.

Many residents spent the night on their roofs to escape the rising waters.

Navin and his brother run Ibis tours in the Caroni Bird Sanctuary but work was the last thing on their mind when stranded residents reached out to them for help.

“People off us real money, $10,000 to help them but we said no. This is normal, we always assist any way we can, we were brought up this way. We cancel all work and thing,” Navin told Loop this morning.

He said they focused on Kelly Village as it seemed the residents there weren’t getting any attention. He said they called around and got a big truck to take them to the area.

He said they conducted over 30 trips by boat, each trip accommodating between 15 to 20 people.

Today, he said, the waters are receding but people have lost everything so they are taking food supplies to them.

He said while they are not taking cash donations, they are accepting food and medical supplies in particular.

To contact Navin Kalpoo, call 303-4287.

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