Sunday 12 July, 2020

Flow customers complain of no service

Customers complained to internet and cable provider Flow Trinidad saying they experienced service outages from as early as 6:00 am on Tuesday, without any explanations. 

The company, which had not issued a formal statement up to 11:00 am Tuesday, responded via individual messages to customers that there had been a service outage due to a fibre break.

Calls to the company's main number 223-FLOW (3569) were met with an out-of-service message.

According to customer comments, many areas nationwide were without service.

Customers were angry with the lack of communication with some people demanding a rebate for the loss of service.

Nari Ganesh:

"I just messaged your page because I have no phone and internet services in Sangre Grande. I tried calling your customer care number but like Dat ain't working either. You have not replied to my inbox message and here you are posting about football? I'm seeing other ppl complaining and here u are posting about football instead of posting of ur suckish service that cuts at least 2 times per day in Sangre Chiquito. Address this issue now!!!! Let your customers know what is going on."

Jesse Williams:

"You all not responding to messages. Not answering the phone. And not responding to comments on the current issue. But you all are posting easy ways to pay? This page admin should be fired for not knowing time and place. People complaining all over. And. Not a peep. Well at least we know you all are indeed online."

Damian St. Hill:

"Do you know that your 223-FLOW is out of service? I do not have internet and I need it to transact some business today! Where can I get help?"

Ren Nancoo:

"Yall for serious? How about providing a stable service and responding to complaints? I wouldn't break a sweat then Flow, yall like having customers? Cause every single week there's some problem. Last week, all Flow services was down in my area for 5 days. You were made aware of the issue on the 1st day. Y'all took 4 days to actually resolve it. If I'm not going to have internet for another 5 days, I will be switching to another internet provider. In fact, if I don't get internet by this afternoon or at least tomorrow, I'm cancelling your "services". Y'all always sorry for the inconvenience."

Nicola Pinard:

"No internet in Vistabella since yesterday and we have a business to run. Flow you are rubbish."

The company posted to their Facebook page at 12:22 pm, advising of a service interruption.


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