Sunday 29 November, 2020

FoodDROP expands delivery service in light of COVID-19

With restrictions in place on gatherings and in-house dining at restaurants in light of stringent COVID-19 measures, food establishments have adapted to offer takeaway, curbside pickup and delivery options to continue doing business. 

One service in particular which has surged in popularity is foodDROP, which allows less face to face contact, online and delivery services and a cashless service.

foodDROP offers the ideal option to customers to enjoy food from their favourite restaurants at home, without having to break social distancing guidelines as set out by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and reinforced by the Government.

foodDROP Operations Manager Jade Piper said the idea to launch the app was borne out of the need for “convenience and choice in one place, and not by re-inventing the wheel".

Piper noted that there were similar options on the international market and with the DROP ridesharing service already popular on the local market, it felt like a move in the right direction to expand its operations to food delivery.

"For example, there are similar service in external markets such as Ubereats, Doordash, Hubgrub etc., and we had excess capacity on the DROP rideshare side of the business with over 250 drivers, so naturally it made sense to expand our operations in this way.”

She believes foodDROP is adding an essential service to local businesses that were asked to close their doors to limit gatherings to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Since the Prime Minister's announcement of the measure and Government's enforcement under the Public Health Ordinance, restaurants have gotten on board. 

Piper noted that several more restaurants have partnered with an online audience to order their favourite meals with the convenience of delivery with a cost. 

“For the delivery drivers who are essential running their own businesses, this is a whole new delivery/revenue opportunity,” she added. 

Since the COVID-19 restrictions have been implemented, she said there has been an increased demand in ordering takeaway via the app. But, as orders have increased so too has the prevention of in-person contact.

Piper said: “We have asked restaurants to have a pickup area within their establishment to minimise interaction and to properly seal bags, drivers have their insulated cooler bags for transporting food and have been issued gloves as well as we are currently sourcing hand sanitisers."

Stressing the convenience of the service foodDROP provides, Piper noted it is currently a cashless service – 100 percent credit card and soon to be activated VISA debit cards.

The mobile app will soon extend its service reach to South Trinidad and then Tobago, but for now, expansion is limited to Trinidad. Two new restaurant partners in South – Buzz Bar and Maria’s Bakery have joined the foodDROP app.

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