Tuesday 26 May, 2020

Foodie Focus: Pepper Dee's packs a punch with pepper roti pizza

No, you're not dreaming, it's just two of the most delicious things (pepper roti and pizza) combined into one, amazing dish.

Pepper Dee's Pepper Roti Pizza, the mouth-watering concoction created by a Freeport family, is currently a hit with pepper roti (and pizza) fans across Trinidad.

Business owner Dianne Mangroo, who runs the business alongside her husband and two sons, said the idea flourished after they got such great reviews from friends and family.

"We usually made it at home and we got a lot of great reviews in our community about the taste and the flavour, so we decided to do it as a business."

"We were deciding how best to sell it to the public and we thought putting it into a box would be the best way for people to enjoy, so we decided to shape it like a pizza and put it in a pizza box. It's been a hit so far," Mangroo said.

Mangroo said while it's made like a traditional pepper roti, there are a few secret ingredients that give it that amazing taste.

"It’s made in the traditional way with potatoes, vegetables and cheese, and of course out secret ingredients. We use all-vegetarian products, for example rennet-free cheese, and everything is made fresh to order, which is why we ask people to place their orders two hours ahead," she said.

In fact, Dee's Pepper Roti also made waves at the recent 'CurryBana' curry competition, winning first place in the pepper roti competition. 

"The feedback is going exceptionally well, we even took part in the CurryBana pepper roti competition and I am proud to say we are the winners of the pepper roti competition, which we're really happy about."

"We also got a lot of comments on our Facebook page and they’re all so positive and placed with so much love. People say they love the flavour and the originality, and they love the way it's presented to them, so we think we're going in the right direction," she said. 

Mangroo said they work out of home intend to expand to a store soon.

“We do have plans to expand, at the moment we’re doing it from home but we want to expand and have a store. We have people from as far as Valencia, Arima, even as far as San Fernando and Princes Town and even some businesses who come to buy pepper roti, so it has reached really far and we’re trying to get a location that will be suitable for clients, so it will be more convenient for them," she said. 

As for customers who prefer a milder pepper roti, not to worry, you can adjust your pepper roti to suit your tastes. 

“We sell our pepper roti at different tolerance levels so you can order medium, light or make it as heavy as you wish. When you call to place your order we ask you how much pepper you want. Not everyone can handle a high pepper level but we can adjust to suit."

"It also can come with the pepper on the side so if your pepper tolerance is stronger than what you ordered, you can garnish your pepper roti to suit," she said. 

Mangroo said as the orders are made completely fresh, they usually ask for customers to call two hours beforehand.

"We ask for two hours before so that is to ensure that it’s ready on time, we don’t want our customers to wait so we make sure they get it hot, fresh and ready to eat."

"We want the public to know that Pepper Dee’s is always made from scratch, with completely fresh ingredients, and we always try to make sure we please our customers," she said. 

Pepper Dee's Pepper Roti is located near to the flyover on Arena Road.

To order your pizza roti call Pepper Dee's Pizza Roti on 486-1367 or 225-6573, or visit them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/pepperdeescatering


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