Monday 22 October, 2018

Former Minister Wendell Mottley gets country’s highest award

Former PNM Minister Wendell Mottley will receive the country’s highest award, the Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago at the National Awards ceremony on Monday night.

President Paula Mae Weekes released the list of awardees on Sunday.

Veteran journalist Jones P. Madeira, Former Central Bank Governor Ewart Williams and former PNM Government Minister Joan Yuille Williams will receive the Chaconia Gold Medal. See the full list below.


The Order of Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (ORTT)

For Distinguished and Outstanding Service to Trinidad and Tobago in the Sphere of:


Wendell Mottley –National Development/Public Service

(Former Minister of Finance/Athlete)


The Chaconia Medal (GOLD)

For the Long and Meritorious Service to Trinidad and Tobago in the Sphere of:


Jones P. Madeira-Public Service/ Journalism

(Editorial Executive Consultant)


Dr. Romesh Mootoo-Medicine/Health

(Medical Practitioner)


Dr. Waveney Charles-Medicine



Ewart Williams- Public Service

(Former Governor of Central Bank)


Mrs. Joan Yuille Williams-Culture/Public Service

(Former Minister of Community Development and Gender Affairs)


The Chaconia Medal (SILVER)

For Long and Meritorious Service to Trinidad and Tobago in the Sphere of:


Dr. Clifford Alexis-Culture/Community Service

(Musical Instrument- Specialist/ Educator/Composer)


Mr. Neville Jules-Culture/Community Service         

(Retired Pan Player, Tuner, Arranger of All Stars Steel Orchestra)                         


Mr. Roy Narinesingh-Education

(Publisher/ Author/ Editor)    


Pundit Seereeram Maharaj-Religion/Culture

(Pundit )                                  


Dr. Kern Tobias-Community Service

(President Caribbean Union Conference)      


Pundit Bhownath Maraj-Religion/Culture




The Hummingbird Medal (GOLD)

For Loyal and Devoted Service to Trinidad and Tobago in the Sphere of:


Kent Bede Bernard-Sport

(Court Case Worker-USA)


Hazel Thompson- Ahye-Public Service/Youth Development

(Attorney at Law)


Angela Murphy-Medicine/Health



Breastfeeding Association of Trinidad and Tobago-Community Service/Health                            


Dr. Helene Marceau- Crooks- Medicine/Psychiatrist/Public Service

(Medical Doctor)


Winston “Explainer” Henry-Culture/Education



Dr. Ian Anthony Hypolite- Sport Coach

(Psychiatrist/ Athletic)


Dr. Varma Deyalsingh-Medicine/Health

(Family Doctor & Psychiatrist)                                             


Thomas E. Lawrence-Public Service

(Chairman Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority and Retired Airline Captain, Check Airman)


The Hummingbird Medal-(SILVER)

For Loyal and devoted Service to Trinidad and Tobago in the Sphere:


Michael Paul- Sport/ Community Service

Retired Technician (TSTT)                                                    


Haji Mohammed Hosein- Sport/Education

(Retired School Principal)


Narrie Aproo-Culture/ Community Service

(Black Indian Masquerader)                          


Keith Thomas- Community Service/ Youth Development

(Swim Coach)                        


Arnold Alpheus Ransome-Culture        

(Lead Baritone Singer of the Southernaires Choir of San Fernando)


Ella Andall-Culture Minister



Willard “Relator” Harris-Culture



 Donric “Funny” Williamson-Culture



Fred “Composer” Mitchell-Culture



Teniel Campbell-Sport



Dylan Carter-Sport                



Nicholas Paul-Sport



Kwesi Browne -Sport



Njisane Phillip-Sport



The Hummingbird Medal (BRONZE)

For Loyal and Devoted Service to Trinidad and Tobago in the Sphere of:

Sariah Estrada

(Student of the University of the Southern Caribbean)


The Public Service Medal of Merit (GOLD)

For Outstanding and Meritorious Service to Trinidad and Tobago in the Sphere of:


Michael Scott-Arts/Community Service (Posthumously)

Retired Teacher                                              


Dr. Oswin Christian Rose-Public Service

Consumer Law Specialist


Beryl Irma Brewster-Public Service/Health

Senior Nursing Lecturer                                                        


Prem Premanand Nandlal-Medicine

Retired Industrial Chemist     


Dr. Rasheed Usman Adam- Public Service/Medicine

Medical Doctor/Neurosurgeon                                                                      


Ronald Richardson- Community Service/Education

(Retired Teacher II)   


Bronson Berry Merritt-Education/Public Service

Retired School Supervisor III                                               


Teddy Brathwaite-Public Service/Defence Force (Posthumously)

Retired Deputy Commissioner of Prisons


 Liaquat Ali Shah-Public Service

Chief Executive Officer/ Chemical Engineer


Camille Hosein- Education/ Public Service

Retired Principal                    


Mr. Francis Seupaul-Education/Community Service (Posthumously)

Retired Principal                    


Mrs. Lynette Lalla-Chote- Education/Communication

Retired Principal                    


Dr. Lester Efebo Wilkinson-Public Service

Retired Ambassador/ Permanent Secretary/Consultant


Mr. Mahmud Sultan Dean Aziz-Public Service

(Retired Barrister)      


Medal for the Development of Women (GOLD)

For Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Women’s Rights and Issues in Trinidad and Tobago in the Sphere of:

Dr. Krishendaye Rampersad- Journalism/Development of Women

(Writer, Journalist, Multimedia of Multi-Cultural Heritage Sustainable Development Educator)


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