Former top cop questions police resignation letters

Former Senior Superintendent of the Central Division, Johnny Abraham says he is uncertain of whether the two senior police officers were asked to resign were given a chance to improve or evaluate their performance prior to this development.

Two senior police officers, Eastern Division Senior Superintendent John Trim, and Inter-Agency Task Force Senior Superintendent Simboonath Rajkumar, were asked to resign based on alleged under-performance in their respective divisions earlier this week.

Acting Police Commissioner, Stephen Williams has served letters requesting their resignations in letters which outlined shortcomings in their divisions.

On Wednesday, Abraham told Power 102.1 F.M he is wondering whether they had been forewarned by their Assistant commissioners.

“I don’t know how they were assessed, because you have an Assistant Comissioner in charge of the Senior Superintendent and the Assistant Commissioner is the one who is directly responsible for their supervision.”

“Somebody is falling short. The Assistant Commissioner will have to call in the Senior Supt and say ‘listen, your performance is not up to standard, so we giving you three months to bring it back up to standard’, so I don’t know if that was followed or not.”

Mr. Abraham noted that during his tenure, he understood the importance of speaking with his officers on their inefficiencies, prior to taking further action.

“Junior officers in my commend, we would call meeting and let them know of their shortcomings, they have to call them in, tell them where they’re coming short and give them a time frame (for improvement),” he said.

He said the Acting Commissioner’s move could have two repercussions.

“It could be used to motivate other officers to tell them to step up to the plate, or it could cause other officers to want to resign.”

Mr. Abraham, however, defended the Acting Police Commissioner’s delivery over the years, saying that his job is a tough one that requires a lot of help from the officers under his supervision.


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