Sunday 26 May, 2019

Fuad Khan apologises, Candice Santana says 'damage already done'

Following his explosive description of Lost Tribe masquerader, Candice Santana, as a "tub", Dr. Fuad Khan has apologised.

The former Minister posted an audio recording to Facebook on Wednesday night where he admitted that his comments were harsh and insensitive and that he got carried away.

"I have decided that the time has come to apologise for my "tub" statement. It was harsh and insensitive, yes," he said. "I got carried over trying to bring the point across. To Candice Santana, please accept my apology for calling you a tub. It was harsh and insensitive and I did go overboard. To the people of Trinidad and Tobago who have been offended, and who may be overweight, I say: sorry. However, I do feel strongly about NCDs (non-communicable diseases) and I have seen the complications of the non-communicable diseases affect very young people."

Santana soon responded, saying that for her, changed behaviour and a commitment to that change constitutes a real apology.

“The only authentic apology is changed behaviour and a commitment to such would mean much more. In my earlier statement, I said that I had forgiven Dr. Fuad Khan, though great damage is already done and continue to myself and overweight persons," she said.

"As an office holder, Dr. Khan and all officials are held to a higher standard of operation so even when passionate about an issue, the use of disrespect, embarrassment and personal attack to a citizen should never happen. As a society, body-shaming and malicious name-calling regardless of size, shape or shade should never be encouraged. Office holders are expected to set a better example for us, especially the youth and children of the nation.

She also rejected his offer to meet with her, saying the damage was already done. 

"I humbly and respectfully decline the offer to meet Dr. Khan or his assistance at this time because of the extent of damage done to me as a person.

"As we all go about our daily lives, let’s make an extra effort to treat each other as we would want to be treated, with kindness and respect. Let us show love for people and for country. Let us move forward positively. Act justly, walk humbly and love unconditionally!!!"

Khan previously referred to Santana as a "tub" in a video after she posted images of her Lost Tribe experience to social media. At the time, he claimed that he was not fat shaming, but was more concerned about the prevalence of non-communicable diseases like obesity and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

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