Sunday 22 July, 2018

Funeral held for Dr Broadbridge on Friday

The funeral service for Dr Claire Broadbridge was scheduled to take place on Friday at the Church of the Assumption, Long Circular Road, Maraval. 

Broadbridge, who was the former National Museum and Art Gallery Director, was brutally murdered six days ago at her home in Fondes Amandes, St Ann’s. 

Her death has sparked outrage and discussions about crime in the national community.

And even while her funeral service will be going on, crime scene investigators are expected to return to the home to continue their examinations.

The investigators were on scene late on Thursday afternoon, and the home is still cordoned off.

According to reports, at about 6:00 pm on Saturday, September 2, residents of the area observed smoke coming from Broadbridge’s home and notified the authorities.

A man who was not known to them was observed fleeing the scene.

Fire officers responded, and the fire was contained.

The fire, police said, was to the ground floor of the home.

Broadbridge’s body was found in her bedroom on the upper floor of the building.

Her throat had been slashed with what appeared to be a kitchen knife, according to autopsy results. 

Her son, environmentalist Stephen Broadbridge, has urged citizens to take a stand against crime.