Thursday 20 February, 2020

Funky Fish opens second store in T&T

Funky Fish has opened its second branch at Long Circular Mall! Photo via: Perla Hadeed, Director at Sanrio Surprises.

Funky Fish has opened its second branch at Long Circular Mall! Photo via: Perla Hadeed, Director at Sanrio Surprises.

Individuality meets style at Funky Fish, with great designs you’re sure not to find elsewhere – all at affordable prices.

There’s nothing basic about the unique store, which opened its second location in August at the Long Circular Mall, three years after the first location opened its doors at the Falls at West Mall.

The franchise, which began in Spain in 1996 has been extremely popular among customers of all ages as it offers a colourful array of fashion accessories, pop items and gifts for teen girls and young women catering to their evolving needs and tastes.

Funky Fish has a presence in almost 25 countries in Europe and Latin America, and it’s looking to expand its reach in the Caribbean.

Funky Fish opens second location in T&T

Photos courtesy Perla Hadeed.

So what’s next for the franchise locally?

Franchise holder Perla Hadeed tells Loop News that they are looking to expand their reach outside of Port-of-Spain.

Conversations are ongoing with malls in Trincity and South Trinidad to bring the fashion-forward, trendy products to all of Trinidad.

Consideration is also being given to Tobago, but for now, funky customers on the sister isle can access products through the store's website at Orders over $200 will be delivered free of charge.

She said they are happy to bring unique items with loads of personality to their customers, who are passionate about the brand.

Hadeed said they hope to continue inspiring that individuality in their customers with their on-trend, creative product offering.

"Our customers are extremely passionate about the brand and our products. They just love the stores and they love the experience."

"Our products are unique. They're exclusive to the fanchise so you won't find them anywhere else. It's got a lot of personality and our customers love that it sets them apart from the rest with our different product offering."

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and that's exactly what you'll find at other stores attempting to tap into the same niche that has brought Funky Fish the popularity it's commanded in its three years of defining individuality.

"Other stores may offer similar products, but it's nothing like what you'll find at Funky Fish," Hadeed said.

Consumers can purchase exclusively branded bags, jewellery, beachwear, fashion accessories, crazy gifts and much more at the store. 

As the store was opened just ahead of the new school term, its Back to School promotion attracted students seeking out unique items in preparation for school.

Backpacks and stationery were top sellers, Hadeed said.

She said new products are coming in soon, just in time to give customers great gift ideas for Christmas. 

"It just feels different at other stores," she added.

Funky Fish also boasts a unique, flexible loyalty shopper programme.

As the franchise also operates Sanrio Surprises - the Hello Kitty store at West Mall - its Loyalty Card Programme extends to products sold there. 

The cards are free with your purchase and offer two percent cashback. On Wednesdays it's double the fun as customers get double cashback on their purchases.

Funky Fish also offers a birthday coupon - $25 off any product - which can also be used at the Hello Kitty Store. The store collects customer information, so they keep track of birthdays. As a customer's birthday approaches, a text message is sent to them a week in advance offering them the birthday deal. 

Hadeed said the cards run out frequently, but they currently have in stock. 

She stressed that customer experience is the most important aspect of the business and encouraged customers to offer feedback on any aspect of the store, including customer service, product quality and the range of items offered.

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