Wednesday 17 July, 2019

Galaxy Note8 inspires artists of the region

Image: Chanua Johnson

Image: Chanua Johnson

Are there limits to the imagination? Not when it comes to the Galaxy Note8. As proof, Samsung invited seven artists from seven countries, including photographers, illustrators, creative directors, graphic and fashion designers, to experience the Galaxy Note8.

What they have in common is a kindred creative passion and when it comes to the Galaxy Note8, they have demonstrated that imagination can soar.

#DoBiggerThings has been the objective and with the Galaxy Note8, the artists were able to achieve that goal. The Note8’s 6.3-inch Infinity Display has become a true work of art and colors, forms, designs, gestures come to life in a singular way while making a creation. For these seven artists, their great allies have been a camera capable of capturing the most significant moments in a perfect manner, regardless of lighting or movement; as well as the S Pen, which has erased creative barriers.

For example, Jamaican Taj Tenfold is in constant search for inspiration. The S Pen has transformed the game for him, allowing him to illustrate anywhere, with utmost precision. A full-time artist, illustrator, designer and creative director, Taj shares his work on Instagram.

Chanua Johnson from Trinidad and Tobago gets her inspiration from the desire to travel, slow life and nature. Her Galaxy Note8 has the ability to adapt to all of it, allowing her to take pictures of her trips as well as draw beautiful scenery without using a brush.

From the Bahamas, Jamaal Rolle,  award-winning visual artist, takes advantage of Infinity Display to draw his portraits full of color and detail. He is famous for portraying world figures, government officials and A-list celebrities.

Stay up to date with these artists on Instagram and witness their creative prowess. 


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