Wednesday 23 October, 2019

Game of Thrones in Review, Trini-style: Episode 2

With Gerard Llanos


Some people say this episode was toots. Hold allyuh hand, nah. The battle for Winterfell is going to be action from the word 'jump' and not everyone is sure to make it out alive, or dead for that matter. Important elements of the story and characters were explored in this episode which some critics have acclaimed to be one of the best episodes ever. With all spoiler protocols observed, we round up the top moments 'Game of Thrones' episode two.


Poor Jaime

So you kill the boss lady father, try to kill the next boss lady father, pitch the three-eyed raven out the window and have just basically been an incestuous backside for the past ten years. How you going to get yourself out of this one, pa? The King Slayer is stuck in one of those cold room type meetings with very few allies and one very pissed Dany. Short man tried to put in a word for his brother but he promptly got shouted down. More cold room vibes. It didn’t help that Jamie refused to apologise for all of his wartime shenanigans, defiantly charging, “Everything I did was for my house and my family.”

Dany nearly flips when she learns that Cersei’s golden company is waiting patiently at Kings Landing to take on whoever is left from the battle of Winterfell. She was PISSED, not only at Jamie but Tyrion as well. Dem mudda so-and-so Lannisters again! Just when it looks like flames for Jamie, Lady Brienne of Tarth stands in his defence. Brienne’s honour and her vouching for Jamie won over a reluctant Sansa. Jon, who was not on Dany one bit since learning his true parentage, dismissively says that he needs every man he could get. That was it for Daenerys murder fantasy.

She had no choice but to let it be for time being but she good blaze Tyrion for taking Cersei’s chain up, deeming it either treachery or incompetence.  The members of the queen’s inner circle looked on with concern, not least among them, Jorah Mormont who Tyrion believes could succeed him as hand if he is removed.

Later in the episode, the usually outta timing Jamie humbly asks to fight under Brienne’s command. She was shocked to silence. Her faith in the King Slayer seems to be well rewarded, for now.



Jorah Mormont pulled his Khaleesi aside to give her some friendly counsel on her treatment of Tyrion. Pointing out what was said quite a few times in this episode. Tyrion has grown as a person and is best suited to be hand. Dany seems to agree. Jorah says he has one more piece of advice.

Next thing we see is Dany gently trying to win over her sister-in-law. Sansa raised that she was concerned that Dany might be taking advantage of Jon’s love for her. Dany very correctly pointed out that she abandoned her conquest of the Seven Kingdoms to fight the zombie menace at Jon’s request. Even cracking a good-natured short joke at Jon’s expense. Sansa seemed to be warming up to Dany.  

Boom, Sansa presses her grace about power-sharing after the war is won and she was on the Iron Throne.  What?! Daenerys went from love to ice in literally a second. Theon’s arrival at Winterfell stuck a pin in this terse exchange. Sansa is elated to have her long-lost friend back.

Is Dany the same noble queen that we started cheering for when she freed the slaves of Mereen? Her hunger for power and short fuse is beginning to cast some doubt.


So wha we go do?

Bran is the man with the plan. TheThree-Eyed Raven seems to be one of the few players that offer some hope. The battle plan for the upcoming un-dead attack hinges on Bran being bait for the Night King who has been hunting him for some time. Once he comes for Bran as predicted, the dragons will spring out of hiding for the counter punch. Everyone else’s job is to hold off the zombie hordes until the Night King falls. Of course, nobody knows if this plan is actually going to work.

I’m cheering for Theon but I don’t know how he will make out as the nominated bodyguard for the paralysed Bran in the field against an Ice Dragon riding Night King. I would have felt better with the Hound watching Bran’s back. Theon isn’t 100% recovered from his trauma.  

It was heartening to see Dany being conciliatory (in a rude outta timing kind of way) with Tyrion. Ordering him to stay safe in the crypt so that his unique skills could be protected.  Tormund glibly pointed out that everybody is probably going to die. Perhaps he is right.


Giant Milk B*****S

There is something charmingly country about Tormund and his love for Brienne. Only this time the man went a little far. I literally got frightened when the man asked if they knew why they called him Giant’s Bane. Fortunately, he hit us with a less disturbing (not by much) story, followed by some tusty behaviour straight out of your neighbourhood hawk and spit.

Jamie makes the ultimate uptown clap back later in the scene. Man go pull out a broad sword and use his anointed knight powers to knight Brienne. Even Tormund had to clap. I was cheering for Tormund but right now Jamie is way ahead in the race for the heart of Ser Brienne of Tarth, a knight of the Seven Kingdoms.


Arya though!

What going on with this little girl at all? A girl seemed to be wagging for Gendry since putting in an order for her “weapon”. I mean I wasn’t sure eh, but she jumped out her whole self and removed all doubt. Most of us GoT fans never stopped seeing Arya as “a girl”.

A girl was decisive, in control and hella sexy. Young Lady Stark is all grown up. This racket was cooking since before puberty and we don’t know who will be alive at the end of episode three. Might as well!

However, for some reason, she didn’t seem too happy after the deed was done. Let’s hope Gendry’s food eating skills are as good as his weapon making. 


The reveal

Daenerys finally corners Jon communing with the statue of Lyanna Stark, his newly discovered mother. He has been ducking her all night. She tenderly shares that she always believed Rhaegar was a good man until she learned that he raped Lyanna. Jon seizes this moment to let her know the real story of Lyanna and Raegar. Hey Auntie! #killmonger  

Daenery’s face flashes between disbelief, denial and outright anger. Whatever her actual feelings are, we know that she isn’t pleased. Nor is Jon for that matter. An “unpleasant conversation” is almost guaranteed, assuming that they both live through the battle to come. Right on cue, the war horns blare. The Army of the Dead has arrived at Winterfell!

Episode three has been confirmed to be at least 90 minutes long. The plan is drawn up, the pieces are on the board and the battle of Winterfell is about to begin.

Who will live? Who will die? Season 8 is the season of heartbreaks.

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