Wednesday 27 May, 2020

Garcia: Bullying video 'over a year old'

A disturbing video circulating on social media showing a primary school student being beaten by schoolmates is over a year old.

Two of the students are seen choking another student, leaving her screaming in pain.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia said the incident took place June 21, 2016 and the students seen in the video have since moved on to secondary school.

The students, at the time, were attending the Bethlehem Girls’ RC Primary School, Besson Street, Port-of-Spain.

The Minister assured that the matter was resolved amicably, with the parents of the students involved having met with the school’s principal, social worker and other guidance counsellors.

“It involves students who attended the Bethlehem Girls’ RC School. Those students are now in secondary school, having written the SEA exam in 2016. They are in Form 2 now.

We had been able to deal with it. The Principal and the School’s social worker met with the parents and other guidance officers and the matter was resolved amicably.”

Garcia again stressed that the video is more than a year old.  

Asked about disciplinary measures that can be taken in the absence of corporal punishment in schools, the Minister said there are a number of established protocols to address student indiscipline and school violence.

He promised that an official statement detailing those measures will be issued by the Education Ministry later today.

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