Monday 6 July, 2020

Gary calls out off-duty cops to treat with spike in homicides

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is giving the assurance that the police (TTPS) is sparing no effort and doing all that's possible to peg back the recent spike in homicides experienced over the past 36 hours.

Griffith noted the homicide rate spiked with eight homicides in the past 36-48 hours after a 3-day period of not one homicide recorded in the country. These unrelated incidents occurred across various divisions.

As a result, the top cop said a number of key policing strategies have gone into immediate effect and will continue over the coming days to increase security.

These include:

- Detention of suspects in shooting incidents for questioning;

- Every available police officer will be out on the streets conducting static and foot patrols;

- All Emergency Response Patrol Vehicles will be on patrols;

- Officers who are currently on days off, have been called out to duty;

- Officers have been called upon to perform additional hours of work;

- Roadblocks and stop and searches;

- Joint Police and Army patrols; and

- Other intelligence-driven initiatives.

There have been a recorded 280 homicides for 2019 thus far when compared to 302 for 2018.

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