Sunday 25 August, 2019

Gary denies holding peace talks with community leaders

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is denying the details of a report published in a daily newspaper suggesting that he held peace talks with community leaders.

In a statement on Thursday, Griffith said contrary to the article, no such conversation took place.

In clarifying the report, he said he intends to lead by example, which means joining officers on patrols and on occasion, confronting community leaders.

He said he will not, at any time, negotiate with anyone who may be involved in criminal activity.

The Commissioner said he is closely monitoring persons within the hierarchy of gangs.

He indicated that where the intention of community leaders is to encourage and facilitate gang activities; he will go after them with full force.

Griffith said he monitors all hotspot areas, which includes all police operations, patrols, confrontations and warnings and will make an intervention as needed.

As Commissioner, he said he intends to guide persons away from a life of crime, which he has used as the basis for the launch of the ‘Street Talk’ campaign geared toward mentorship.

He said this has been developed as a secondary measure, to address such issues as delinquency, gang involvement and youth development.

Griffith maintained that those with influence in communities must use such influence to guide persons away from a life of crime and encourage them to be upstanding citizens.

He vowed to get “close and personal” where violence, gang and criminal activities are being encouraged.

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