Monday 13 July, 2020

Gary Griffith welcomes AG's investigation into Cambridge Analytica

Former Minister of National Security Gary Griffith is welcoming any investigation into alleged works by Cambridge Analytica in Trinidad and Tobago.

In a release, Griffith said he welcomes the intervention of the Attorney General to clarify this matter on two grounds.

"That if what is alleged is true and certain individuals used State funds to pay for political campaigns and contracted an agency to be involved in committing illegal acts, then by this investigation, these individuals would be exposed and brought to justice," he said.

The second reason is to clear this country's reputation. 

"The image of our country has been affected internationally all because one man with a bright pink hairstyle decided to make any investigation accusation and it has become a reality by some, without any evidence being brought forward, and only by the words of that one individual.   So if it is not true, then it must also be exposed to clear our nation's reputation." 

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Griffith said, however, that it is incorrect to assume no state agency has the right to intercept what a citizen is sending or receiving.

"The security of the many outweighs the confidentiality of the few who wish to harm the many. As it pertains to Intelligence gathering for a State, and as done in most countries, electronic monitoring to acquire data of " illegal activities" is accepted and something that I do support and endorse. As such, monitoring is critical to suppress terrorism, premeditated serious crime, child pornography etc. This is also catered for and is legal,  but controlled through the Interception of Communication Act to avoid misuse," he explained.      

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He said this has nothing to do regarding the accusations made by the alleged whistleblower as he is referring to illegal data mining for political purposes and gain.

"To acquire approval to monitor and intercept, via IOCA , you require a warrant for approval which would never be granted for such purposes. So again I re-emphasise, at no time did I ever make any request for any such illegal purpose with any organisation as my sole aim was to secure the nation and politics was irrelevant to me. At no time did I request, contract, or approve payment to any organisation for any such illegal activity. If this accusation is true, it was not through me," he said. 




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