Wednesday 23 September, 2020

Gary pulls no punches: Going after Express, rogue cops

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, has taken issue with the Trinidad Express’ decision to bring up new allegations involving Cecil ‘Squeeze’ Skeete. He says that while he’s been graceful with the paper before, he is gearing up to act. 

Skeete, according to the Express, claimed that Griffith had assaulted him while being held in a police station back in June. Following the publishing of the claims in November, Skeete went on to swear to an affidavit that the incident never occurred.  

Skeete was murdered on Sunday night in Cocorite. 

Commissioner Griffith says the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) was in no way involved in the death of Cecil Skeete. 

During his last media conference for 2019, Commissioner Griffith revealed that Skeete was an informant for the TTPS. Gary says Skeete claimed that there was a ‘committee formed to bring him down’.  

"We intend to launch a thorough investigation on the reports made by Mr Skeete about this committee comprising police officers and a few in the media which was formed to undermine and bring down a sitting commissioner of police. If these individuals were in any way instrumental in calling a hit on Mr Skeete in an effort to cover their tracks, they will be exposed," he said.

The Commissioner said reports had come to him that a certain member of the media was 'financially influenced'  to target certain people. He promised to reveal more in the near future.

Speaking directly to the Express, Griffith said, "You have been weighed, measured and found wanting.” 

“The Trinidad and Tobago Express spends more time in their editorial attacking me than the spend any time speaking about the criminal elements in this country,” he lamented. 

Head of Legal for the TTPS, Christian Chandler says legal action against the newspaper is ‘imminent’. 

Griffith says he is aware that rogue elements within the police service are his greatest challenge and will do everything in his power to ensure law and order prevails. 

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