Saturday 5 December, 2020

Gary scolds officer for failing to report for Carnival duty

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith has sent a message to an absent officer advising him to report to Carnival duty or face the consequences of his actions.

This comes after he issued a call on Sunday for all officers.

“You have failed to adhere to your obligation to perform your duty today as rostered.

Failure to be at your post by 10 am today or also being absent tomorrow, you are directed to report to the Police Training Academy at 0800 on Friday 8 March, to meet the Commissioner personally, where your failure to perform your duty would be recorded on your file and possible disciplinary action may be taken,” the message read.

Commissioner Griffith added that any officer abandoning their post especially on a day like today or tomorrow, without good reason is a blatant act of indiscipline and not becoming of someone to wear the uniform.

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