Tuesday 22 September, 2020

Geriatric homes implement visitation policy to protect the elderly

New rules are in effect at geriatric homes across the country to protect the elderly from contracting COVID-19.

President of the Trinidad and Tobago Residential Care Association (TTRCA) Caroline Ruiz says this has become necessary as the elderly are among those most vulnerable to the virus.

Senior citizens and persons with compromised immune systems are said to be at a higher risk of dying should they contract the disease. 

Ruiz says the TTRCA has implemented a temporary visitation policy at all its 169 homes. 

Visitation is being limited and persons are being asked to fill out screening forms for any necessary visits. 

She said visitors have been complying and there have been no problems with the new policy. 

The homes have also restricted certain activities including evening drives, and "night out" events in keeping with government's advice to maintain social distancing.

Ruiz said hugging, kissing and embracing the elderly are being discouraged at this time.

Additionally, she said all members of staff are being screened daily and a safe environment is being maintained. 

"We need to secure our elderly, being the most vulnerable group," Ruiz stated.

 "Caring for the elderly is our main industry and we will guard their well-being at our best."  

Ruiz said there are other geriatric homes in the country which are not under the umbrella of the TTRCA.

She urged these homes to reach out to the TTRCA for guidance and information.

The TTRCA can be contacted at 796-1347, 784-2495 or 332-4132.

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