Sunday 29 November, 2020

Avoid coronavirus with these local grocery delivery services

Staying at home is important, but what happens when one needs to get food?

That's where these services come in.

Several local companies have offered delivery services for market produce and grocery items in an effort to help people who are unable to go to the market or supermarket themselves.

Here's a list of local companies providing delivery services for vegetables, fruits, supermarket items and more:


Boxed Produce

Boxed Produce is an online delivery service company which focuses on delivering fresh produce from farmers to homes across Trinidad and Tobago.

Find out more here:


Harvest 2 Home

This delivery company features a range of fresh vegetables, provisions and fruit bundles at reasonable prices. No need to wonder about when next you'll enjoy a nice callaloo, Harvest 2 Home can deliver the ingredients straight to you. 

More info here:


Paramia Distributors

Paramia Distributors delivers fresh produce to your door, straight from the hills of Paramin and other farms. Bundles include staples like potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and more.

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Prince Farms & Hydro Produce Ltd

Deliciously fresh produce can be had without leaving your home thanks to Prince Farms, which delivers to various locations in Trinidad.

The company’s offerings vary based on what’s in season at that time.

For more information contact them on Facebook:


Farm Fresh Foods

Farm Fresh Foods was launched in 2016 and has grown ever since, offering a helpful service during the current COVID-19 regulations. Contact them on 281-7161 or 784-8376 for details. 


D’ Market Movers

Want to go to market but not a fan of the crowds? This company delivers fresh produce at easy prices, straight to your home.

More info here:  


Ital fix

Looking for local provisions, vegetables and fresh produce? Look no further - from dasheen bush to hot peppers, Ital Fix will fix you up and deliver to your home. 

Find out more about their services here: 


The Fresh Basket

The Fresh Basket, based in Arima, features a range of market bundles to suit you including staples such as callalo bush, pumpkin, cassava, sweet potatoes, eddoes and more. 

Find out more here:


Green Market Farms

This local produce delivery company offers packages of vegetables, provisions and fruits, starting from just $150 per box. 

Find out more info here:


Easy Going Delivery

The company states in its Facebook profile that founder Adrian Raphael sought a service to help people who need groceries but aren’t able to get it themselves. The company currently does deliveries to Valsayn and surrounding areas.

More info here:


Blue Sky Grocery

The company was started by young entrepreneurs Brent Russell and Nikhil Luthra of Lange Park according to a recent Trinidad Express feature.

Find out more here: or shop online at


Whoosh! Home Delivery Service

Another food delivery service, this company features gourmet dishes for a special treat, including frozen pastries and other sweet and savoury items.

More info here:


Trini Trolley

Well known for its online shopping, this company also delivers food items.

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Call Carli

This local business provides delivery services for groceries and much more. The company says it’s available for delivery and pick-up services.

Find out more here: 


Shop Shop TNT

This online grocery delivery company services customers in the St Patrick district including Point Fortin, La Brea, Siparia, Cedros, Fyzabad and Penal).

Find out more about their services here:


Green Thumb Growers TT

This company features all local, pesticide safe greens and microgreens, delivered to your home. 

For more information and prices, visit their website: 


Alliance of Rural Communities

Support local and support delicious at the same time with these locally chocolate products, honey, beans, seeds and more. The Alliance of Rural Communities sources produce from small local farmers, and all bundles are delivered to your door with no plastic packaging. 

Find out more info here:


Beetle Box

A local company delivering a range of locally grown food items from bananas, plantain, kale, and lettuce to local peanut butter and hazelnut spreads.

Find out more by calling 748-8589 or 792-4870.


Do you know of any other grocery delivery services? Share with us in comments below.

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