Friday 25 September, 2020

Girls rule! Lakshmi and Naps students receive President's medal

Photo courtesy: Facebook. Shivanie Rampersad-Mahara.

Photo courtesy: Facebook. Shivanie Rampersad-Mahara.

Females performed exceptionally well in the 2019 CAPE examinations this year with two girls receiving the President's medal for their achievements. 

Celine Roodal of Lakshmi Girls Hindu College brought the school its fifth medal while Naparima Girls student Shivanie Rampersad-Maharaj took home the second medal. 

Roodal performed above all others in Environmental Studies, Information and Communication Technology, Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Meanwhile, Rampersad-Maharaj scored highest in Business Studies, Creative and Performance Studies, General Studies, Language Studies, Humanities and Technical Studies.

This was announced by Education Minister Anthony Garcia who was speaking at a media conference on Monday. He said Cabinet accepted the Ministry's recommendation of 400 scholarships; 179 open scholarships and 221 additional scholarships with 285 girls and 115 boys given scholarships.

Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College received the most scholarships with 40 students awarded. St Augustine Girls High School got 39 while Naparima Girls High School received 38 scholarships. 

Anger over delay of scholarship announcement

Chief Education Officer Harrilal Seecharan addressed some people's outrage over the delay in the announcement of the 2019 scholarship list.

He said students' performance exceeded those of last year making it a more competitive process.  

"In 2018 we had 26.1 percent of our students getting grade ones in Unit 1 and 26.8 percent of our students getting grade ones in Unit 2. In 2019, 29.83 percent of our students got grade ones in Unit 1 and we move from 26.8 to 34.5 percent of our students getting grade ones. So that, essentially what I'm saying to you that this year the process for receiving a scholarship was much more competitive."

Minister Garcia noted the concerns raised by parents and schools. However, he said the Ministry of Education had difficulty in getting the necessary information from the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC).

"The database from CXC was received on the 23rd of October and the T-scores were received on the 5th of November and therefore it is reasonable to understand that this played a large factor in the late issuing of the results."

He said discussions with CXC will be had to prevent a reoccurrence. 

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