Thursday 2 July, 2020

Goatober kicks off with pop-up backyard lime

Chef Bianca Bianco at a Goatober event at the Academy of Baking and Pastry Arts. Photo Marlon James

Chef Bianca Bianco at a Goatober event at the Academy of Baking and Pastry Arts. Photo Marlon James

Goatober is here and as a precursor to the Goat Festival scheduled for October 19, Chef Bianca Bianco will host a Goat pop up backyard lime at her home in St Joseph tonight.

The menu, said Bianco, will include goat cheese warmed and served as nachos and pizza with goat balls.

The chef, who was married to an Italian for 21 years, will also make smoked goat ravioli with tomato broth.

“I wanted to let the idea transcend that you can be elegant but simple so I thought something like a backyard barbeque would be a good way to see how to use the meat in simple elegant ways. My background is in fine dining and French cuisine but I feel like we could always use those techniques to bring a sense of simplicity in the lime,” she said of the event.

When Food Journalist and Advocate Franka Philip decided to bring Goatober to Trinidad and Tobago, she enlisted the support of Chef Bianco who said she was scared at the prospect of cooking goat.

“I had never even cooked goat before, not even by mistake. I never touched it and then Franka insisted. They approached me because I like adventure and love trying new things and if I said no it would haunt me till I tried it. I said okay reluctantly but it has been an amazing journey,” said Bianco, who cooked at an intimate dinner at Aroma kitchen last December where Philip introduced the Goatober concept to a select group of friends and chefs.

“All over the world, people are using goat. It is here so why can’t we learn to use it as well. I am so happy I took on the challenge, it opened me up so many things in my head and my heart with my experimentation."

Bianco left Trinidad at the age of 18 with a dislike for local food which, she said, was too heavy and made her feel sluggish.

She lived in the United States where she got her culinary education in New York.

“That was an experience. I worked with so many awesome chefs and though it opened my eyes, there was still was a holding back. I had to move back home to grow into the person I was supposed to grow into. I am loving our cuisines, all the ground provisions, now I can’t create a menu for anyone without creating local goods,” said Bianco, who has been back in T&T for the last six years.

“When I was moving to Trinidad I said I am not gonna be one of those people going back and forth getting products from America. But that is exactly what I did for the first three years. I was intimidated at first but three years ago I said I have to stop this. A friend challenged me to only cook local for a month and that was it.”

Describing her kitchen as the lab where she experiments, Bianco said coming up with recipes for Goatober was a good challenge.

She said Goatober is necessary for T&T to educate butchers especially on how to cut the meat so people wouldn’t have to buy a whole half of goat to use a small piece.

“We need the support of the butcher shops for this to work,” she said.

The Goatober Backyard Pop Up Lime will take place at 15 Longden Street, St. Joseph. Cost: $350. Time: 7pm- 11 pm. For tickets/ bookings: 719-8092 / 463-4297.


Restaurant activation

Restaurants participating in GoatoberTT with special dishes on their menus
54 Saddle, Adam's, Buzo, Chaud, Chaud Cafe, Dianne's, Hyatt Regency, Krave, Mt Irvine Hotel.
Visit the GoatoberTT Facebook page, email or call/WhatsApp 325-GOAT

October 4
Backyard Lime with Chef Bianca Bianco
Longden Street, St Joseph
7 pm.
Call 325-GOAT or 719-8092 or email for details.

October 12
Moving Table Pop Up
San Antonio Farms
Santa Cruz
Call 321-3555 or email or for details.

October 17
Krave Gala Fundraiser
Krave Restaurant
Tarouba, Marabella
Visit the GoatoberTT Facebook page, email or call/WhatsApp 325-GOAT for details.

October 19
Festival of Goat
Christopher Samuel Drive (off Mucurapo Rd)
Port of Spain
3 pm to 11 pm.
Visit the GoatoberTT Facebook page, email or call/WhatsApp 325-GOAT for details.


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