Friday 25 September, 2020

Gopeesingh calls for removal of Health Minister

Caroni East MP, Dr Tim Gopeesingh, is criticising the government's plan for the Couva Children's Hospital. He is also calling on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to dismiss Health Minister Terrance Deyalsingh.

"I call on the Prime Minister to dismiss the useless and egotistical Mr Deyalsingh and have him replaced with an appointee of substance with an urgent mandate to radically improve the public health care system. In addition, I urge the Prime Minister to revisit the plans for the Couva Hospital, putting aside small-mindedness, spite and political opportunism."

Gopeesingh issued a statement on Monday, slamming Deyalsingh.

He said the Minister has reached "new depths of ineptitude" in his slapdash and senseless plan for the modern Couva Hospital. 

"The chaotic scheme announced by Mr Deyalsingh for the state-of-the-art facility lacks strategic planning and proper order and is symptomatic of the PNM regime’s arbitrary approach to national governance."

He said this plan proves the government's ignorance about the medical sector and the urgent needs of the population. 

Gopeesingh further noted that there is a lack of medical and equipment planning in the four components announced by Minister.

"The haphazard proposal indicates a woeful lack of appreciation of the purpose for the innovative facility and how it can best serve the most number of people of Trinidad and Tobago."

Meanwhile, the Opposition MP accused Deyalsingh of worsening the public health care system, saying it virtually collapsed.

He added that the Couva Hospital is not being put to good use.

"While poor people are dying while waiting for hospital beds, the Minister tells of plans for stem cell research at the institution. His proposal with respect to the Chronic Disease Assistance Programme services is obscure, as is his mysterious 'development and revised plan'."

As it relates to the renaming of the hospital, Gopeesingh said it is part of the PNM's historic pettiness and malice.

He also condemned the awarding of 51 per cent equity to the University of the West Indies since the educational institution has no prior experience in business or the health sector. 

"Handing one of the most modern medical facilities in the Caribbean to The UWI is reckless and cruel blow to taxpayer who funded the hospital."


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