Saturday 28 November, 2020

Gov't slammed over non-action on TSTT

Government has been accused of attacking the working class and sitting idly by while corporations continue to oppress workers.

Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) Secretary-General Clyde Elder made the comment as he said no action has been taken by Government at State enterprise Telecommunications Service of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT), and claimed the workers are constantly disrespected.

Tensions have arisen between the Union and TSTT in the past few weeks following the closure of nine of its retail stores and the dismissals of four workers represented by the CWU.

Two weekends ago, the company accused the Union of barricading TSTT’s Executive Vice President HR, IR and Corporate Support Services, Carol David in her home, after allegedly verbally abusing her at a meeting two days prior.

Elder denied that either of those incidents occurred in the way the company claimed.

He said the demonstration was aborted after CWU representatives saw that David’s son was in the yard, but the TSTT Executive came out of the yard and confronted the Union’s President.

The CWU Secretary-General added that last Friday’s meeting with the Company ended prematurely, but said that David was not addressed by Union representatives at any point because she is not trustworthy.  

He claimed that TSTT is attempting to paint the Union in a bad light and distract away from the real issues taking place at the Company, with a number of deals allegedly not transacted above board.

"All these lies that the Company has told aboutt the CWU is just that - lies. They take an incident and embellish it and they put whatever it is that they want to put to it...they put whatever truth to the lies so you can't discern what is the truth from the lie." 

"We will continue to defend the underprivileged and the unfortunate in society. We remain committed to that."

He accused the current administration of working only in favour of th "one percent". 

"This Government has done nothing to help the common man, and they have been a total disappointment. When Cro Cro could go on stage and sing [negatively] about the PNM, you know things bad - and things are only going to get worse."  

Elder told LoopTT on Monday that the next step is taking the matter to the Industrial Court. 

He said, however, that the Union remains open to dialogue with the Company to resolve the situation as it pertains to having the dismissed workers reinstated and mending relations with TSTT. 

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