Sunday 29 March, 2020

Grenada Bucket List: 10 things you must do on the island

A view of Carriacou from Sandy Island, Grenada (Aisha Sylvester)

A view of Carriacou from Sandy Island, Grenada (Aisha Sylvester)

Grenada is famous for its postcard-perfect beaches, but the island has much more to offer than sun, sea, and sand.

Whether you’re a water baby, a foodie or just a lover of the great outdoors, here are 10 experiences you should aim to cross off your bucket list.


Visit the Underwater Sculpture Park

The Underwater Sculpture Park in Moliniere Bay is home to over 65 sculptures by several artists, including Jason de Caires Taylor. Book a snorkeling or scuba diving tour with one of the operators on Grand Anse Beach and you can take in the views of popular pieces like Vissicitudes and The Lost Correspondent up close.


Spend a day lounging on Grand Anse Beach

There are beaches and then there is Grand Anse Beach. With its blinding white sand and crystal clear waters, Grand Anse is one of those idyllic spots you have to see to believe. With lounge chairs for rent and beachfront restaurants serving up drinks and eats, you can easily spend an entire day enjoying this gorgeous stretch of coastline.


Eat Your Heart out at Gouyave Fish Friday

Every Friday vendors take over an entire street in the fishing village of Gouyave for the weekly Fish Friday festival, serving up healthy portions of piping hot lambie broth, lobster tail and fried fish. It’s a foodie’s dream come true and a seafood lover’s paradise, with inventive dishes and more food than you can ever sample in one visit. 


Take a trip out to Hog Island

Hog Island is a destination for both the ‘feter’ and the recluse. Every Sunday, this undeveloped island transforms into party central, with music and drinks served up by Roger’s Barefoot Beach Bar. However, every other day of the week it is a beautiful, secluded destination for those who prefer the quieter side of life. Whatever your preference, catch a boat from Woburn and experience the Hog Island vibe that’s right for you.


Go off-the-grid in Carriacou

Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation and Carriacou provides that great escape from Grenada. Why not take the ferry from St. George’s to Hillsboro and soak in the true small island experience by lounging on an empty beach or snorkeling just off Sandy Island?


Hike the Seven Sisters Waterfall

One of Grenada’s most popular waterfalls, Seven Sisters gets its name from the seven pools formed by this force of nature located in the Grand Etang National Park. Lace up your hiking shoes and enjoy an easy trek along the trail. Be sure to pack a swimsuit because the pools are too inviting to resist.


Go tubing along River Balthazar

Take a ride on the semi-wild side and bump and glide along the Balthazar River in an inner tube. What’s more thrilling than being tossed around by rapids while taking in the untamed beauty of the surrounding forest? Note that you will undoubtedly get soaked, so wear appropriate attire.


Tour the River Antoine Rum Distillery

Step back in time to the 18th century by touring the River Antoine Rum Distillery, the oldest operational, water-powered distillery in the region. The facility has preserved the same rum production process for centuries, from manually feeding cane stalks into the grinder, to manually labeling and sealing each bottle. Be sure to sample the various rums available and purchase a bottle or two as souvenirs.


Visit the Grand Etang National Park

The Grand Etang offers a sprawling 3,800 acres of rainforest to explore. Its main attractions include the Grand Etang crater lake, lush vegetation, a variety of animals, trails, waterfalls and a museum. Why not spend a day exploring the island’s most popular site for hiking and trekking?


Purchase spices from the Market

You can’t visit the Spice Isle without sampling some of its legendary spices. Bypass the perfectly packaged offerings in the souvenir shops and take a trip to the street market in St. George’s to purchase nutmeg, clove and aniseed directly from local vendors.


Aisha Sylvester is the author of Island Girl In-Transit, a travel blog dedicated to covering the Caribbean. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook to discover the amazing experiences destinations throughout the region have to offer!

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