Tuesday 24 November, 2020

Grenada has best CBI program in the world

Grenada has been ranked as having the Best Citizenship by Investment Program in the world. 

According to a study by Best Citizenships (BC), the country takes the first spot in the Program’s 2020 rankings due to its low pricing, powerful passport, and E-2 treaty.  

Out of 210 points, Grenada ranked number one with 151.3 based on the Points Based Scoring (PBS) model, which examined 31 indicators of CBI schemes, before mathematically predicting the best citizenship by investment program for clients. 

The ranking factors included 

  • Minimum Pricing (10 points) 

  • Availability of Real Estate investment option (10 points) 

  • Safety / Crime Rate (10 points) 

  • Visa-free access countries in total (10 points) 

  • Passport time  (10 points) 

  • Residency conditions (5 points) 

  • EU citizenship  (10 points) 

  • E-2 visa with US 

  • Due diligence (10 points) 

  • Privacy – Disclosing CBI names to public 

  • GDP in billions USD 

  • Richest countries in terms of GDP per capita income (5 points) 

  • Education rank (5 points) 

  • Healthcare rank (5 points 

  • Human Development Rank (10 points) 

  • Government Debt (5 points) 

  • Personal Income Taxes (5 points) 

  • Strong currency (10 points) 

  • Transparency (10 points) 

  • Passport Validity (10 points) 

  • Biometric / e-Passports (5 points) 

  • Personal Visit (5 points) 

  • Revoked Citizenships (5 points) 

  • Lifetime Citizenship (5 points) 


The news for Grenada comes one week after the country was featured in an Al Jazeera documentary which accused politicians of receiving funds for election campaigns through the Citizen By Investment Program.  

The government of Grenada has since denied the allegations, stating its CBI Program has been ranked as one of the best-run programs by the IMF, World Bank, and other financial institutions. 

Other Caribbean countries that ranked in the top 11 of the Best Citizenship by Investment Program were St Kitts and Nevis (7), Antigua and Barbuda (8), Dominica (9) and St Lucia (11). 

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