Tuesday 24 November, 2020

Grenada pumps $2M in preparation for COVID-19

The government of Grenada is not leaving anything to chance as it relates to protecting the health of its population and has pumped an additional two million dollars to bolster its coronavirus (COVID-19) preparations.  

Grenada’s Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell made the announcement during an address to the nation last night, March 3.  

Dr Mitchell said with cases now being reported in the region it is no longer about it reaching Grenada’s shores, but when it reaches.  

“We will not spare any efforts in ensuring all necessary measures are in place to protect our country. We stand prepared to increase that figure if necessary, as the situation unfolds,” said the Prime Minister.  

Investment will be made in the procurement of medical apparatus to further equip hospitals and community health centres and to outfit treatment centres.  

Schools will be provided with supplies such as thermometers to identify symptoms of the virus.  

The Education Ministry is working with the Health Ministry to ensure teachers and students are equipped with basic information on the spread of the virus by practicing proper cough and hand washing techniques.   

Prime Minister Mitchell said the Ministry of Health and National Security are further strengthening border control efforts to ensure all measures related to health are continued.   

Additional supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are being purchased to ensure persons on the front line are properly protected and the level of exposure is minimal.  

The Prime Minister said: “We have obtained thousands of masks, some of which are being distributed to our students in China and the rest will be transported to Grenada.”  

He also assured the government is continuing to support its students in Wuhan, noting that there are risks and benefits should those students be evacuated at this stage.  

In addition, the Grenadian population has been advised by its Prime Minister that as it relates to proper cough/sneeze and handwashing practices all individuals must accept responsibility in this scenario, which would require temporary adjustments to cultural norms and religious practices.  

Prime Minister Dr Mitchell also urged citizens to ignore propaganda, as he stated the government will not place the people of Grenada at risk for any reason.  

“The threat becomes even greater now because evidently not all countries are ensuring strict measures to protect their borders, therefore we must do everything to protect our country,” said the Prime Minister.  


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