Friday 27 November, 2020

Grenada Tourism Authority promises a 'pure' experience

The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) recently visited Trinidad and Tobago on a promotional tour to help entice and build awareness of Pure Grenada as a year-round holiday destination.  

The team for the 'Let's Go Grenada' campaign included GTA’s Marketing Manager, Francine Stewart, Marketing Executive, Shanai St. Bernard, and Public Relations Account Director, Jennifer Johnson, Cheryl Andrews Marketing Communication.

“Trinidad and Tobago is the closest and largest Caribbean source market for Pure Grenada,” said Marketing Manager, Francine Stewart. “We welcomed more than 18,000 Trinbagonians to our shores in 2018 and our goal is to increase those numbers by ensuring that we visit Trinidad to update our travel trade and media partners about all the latest exciting attractions and developments. It is also important that we continue to market Pure Grenada as a vibrant destination that offers diverse cultural events and activities year-round.”

Stewart told Loop that while traditionally Carnival has been the main pull for Trinbagonians, the moment they started highlighting that the island was more than Carnival, the numbers started increasing. She added that they saw a 35% increase in visitors for Carnival and a 12% increase for the year overall. 

She also shared what she thinks is the lure for so many visitors. 

“Pure means our people are warm and friendly, pure means we’re one of the safest islands, pure means undiscovered, and I think that ‘undiscovered gem’ concept is what has sparked that curiosity about us and getting here.”

Stewart indicated that the high influx of visitors means the need for more accommodation. She confirmed that the island will see new hotels coming including the Kimpton Hotel & Restaurants. Rex Resorts Grenada will now be a Royalton by the end of 2020 with an additional 500 rooms.

Although the mainland is the most widely known, no trip to Grenada is complete without going to its sister isle, Carriacou, Stewart said, adding that they've been encouraging visitors to explore as much of the chain of islands as possible. With daily flights and ferries between Grenada and Carriacou, visitors can experience a fully immersive trip. 

The Carriacou and Petite Martinique Regattas and Grenada Chocolate Festival, Carriacou Maroons Festival, sailing, diving, dinghy music concerts, culinary and eco tours are just some of the many activities and events that are on all year round in addition to SpiceMas.

There is also an emphasis on sustainable travel. 

"The GTA has worked hard with its partners in developing socially conscious to reduce its carbon footprint but also help the local economy because that will make it sustainable," said Jennifer Johnson of Cheryl Andrews Marketing Communication. "So while we have the ban on single-use plastics another aim is to build the local economy by stimulating and building.

"Wandering Soles is one example: it's a hiking company that offers outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the real essence of Grenada. That’s what we’re leveraging because these days sustainability is more than not just washing towels or saving on plastics. You have to expand it to how will it boost the local economy, ensuring that both sides are balanced and the destination is utilising all the tools are available to them."

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