Wednesday 8 July, 2020

Grieving mom pained by false diet pill claims by ‘fake friend'

The mother of Soca Star and DJ Devon Matthews is seeking to dispel rumours that he died after taking weight loss pills.

Loop TT reached out to Devon’s mother, Gloria Matthews, after the controversial news broke in a newspaper article two days ago.The report claimed that diet pills were linked to his death. Members of the public have since reacted with mixed views about the allegation.

Mrs Matthews, addressing the misinformation, said she was displeased that an article was published even before her son’s autopsy was conducted.

“No, he wasn’t taking no diet pills. He was taking Zantac because they always used to say he had acid reflux. Before this, Devon went and do ah ECG and everything because of the pain he was getting and they say he had acid reflux. Devon stopped sucking oranges and all of that because I gave him oranges every day to go to work.”

Devon's mom also questioned who spoke with reporters about his alleged use of diet pills as she said that individual was no true friend to her son.

“Friend don’t move like that with friend and that is very bad of that person who say they are ‘friends.’ That is why I always told Devon not everybody who he was grinning with is his friend. I always tell Devon that. These people just upsetting me, I already have my grief and I just cannot take it.”

The mother of the late performer also recalled the last moment of her son’s life.

"He leave home very good to go and do the show on Saturday night. Both of us watch the costumes on TV together then he get up, he dressed and he gone and then about 12 o’clock I get this message. So now I had to hustle into Port of Spain. I gone with pyjamas and vest and boxers and everything. When I reached, that is what I see, Devon had already passed."

Mrs Matthews also noted that she was overwhelmed with the support she has gotten since the death of her only child. She said she was amazed that Devon, who was only 36, had managed to leave such a strong impact on so many people.

"Everybody was here last night. I have no complaints, I’m very proud and happy for all the reports and everything I’m hearing about meh son and so much people that he touched. I’m very happy. Although he is 36 years, like he lived a hundred years already. I’m getting good support. His co-workers and everybody, they are giving Devon the best. They are treating Devon real good, everybody from Affairs of the Heart (the radio programme he hosted on 96.7 from 12-3). Blaze and them from the radio station, everybody. Nobody is leaving me out."

Matthews’ died from a massive heart attack while performing at Tribe's band launch on Saturday.

His funeral is expected to take place on Monday. The Arima Velodrome is tipped to be the venue for the event should Mrs Matthews receive the Mayor’s approval.

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