Wednesday 21 October, 2020

Griffith clarifies statements on Anil Roberts

Former national security minister Gary Griffith cleared the air on statements he made regarding former sport minister Anil Roberts, saying that he was referring to any criminal liability on Roberts’ part when he said that he had not done anything wrong.

Speaking to LoopTT, Griffith said many have forgotten that he was the first to bring attention to alleged fraudulent activity within the LifeSport programme. 

When I was speaking about ‘Anil Roberts did no wrong’, I am pertaining to all the evidence that was brought to my attention pertaining to him being involved in any criminal activity. There is a difference with that to Ministerial responsibility.”

“People are getting that impression that I am trying to defend Anil Roberts, I just want to remind everyone that had it not been for me, LifeSport would have never been exposed.”

“I was the one who exposed LifeSport, I was the one that stood up against my own government. Death threats were given to me and my family because of what I did."

Griffith said he saw taxpayers were losing millions of dollars and he pursued the issue even as he said other ministers were defending LifeSport.

“Ministers were defending LifeSport saying how great it was, and I was saying that LifeSport was littered with criminal activity,” he said.

He said however that as a citizen he cannot accuse Roberts or anyone else of criminal activity, as this should be conducted by the proper authorities.

There were hundreds and thousands of documents that were given to me. At no time did I see anything that showed that Anil Roberts was directly involved or seen as committing a crime.”

“I am speaking pertaining to criminal activity, it is not for me to decide that.”

“I gave all the evidence to the police, it for the police now to decide who is culpable or not, not me or any other citizen,” he said.

Griffith said in an interview on Thursday with Power 102.1FM that he had alerted former prime minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to the situation and, pending an investigation, Roberts was found to have done no wrong. 


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