Friday 4 December, 2020

Griffith points to non-nationals involved in criminal activities

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said he welcomes the government’s decision to have persons of interest deported to their home countries.

Griffith made the comment alluding to an increase in criminal activity in Trinidad and Tobago, due to the presence of illegal immigrants in the country.

He said intelligence gathered has revealed a growing pattern of certain elements from Venezuela, attempting to set up their trade of illegal activities in this country.

He said this emerging pattern could affect the country’s security.

The CoP also referenced Sunday’s incident involving Venezuelan women attacking police at a station in Freeport.

He said the TTPS will receive equipment to prevent any such recurrence and persons involved that entered Trinidad and Tobago illegally, will be deported

“…officers will be equipped with pepper spray and tasers, in tandem with the Minimum Use of Force policy. In relation to this incident, on confirmation that they entered illegally or overstayed their time, efforts will be made to have the suspects in question deported with immediate effect.”

Over the past few months, Griffith said the TTPS recorded a number of incidents of illegal activity involving non-nationals who were either perpetrators or victims of crime.

Recently, three men were killed in west Trinidad and were all red-flagged for being engaged in questionable activity. Police have arrested and charged a number of non-nationals for offences including trafficking of drugs, possession of firearms and ammunition, robbery, human trafficking and kidnapping.

The top cop said Police have also rescued a number of non-nationals from human trafficking rings and kidnapping.

Data collected thus far for Jan-April 2019, reveals the following:  

- Four Venezuelans murdered;

- Two Chinese men, one Venezuelan woman and one Guyanese man charged in sex-ring bust

- Nineteen female non-national minors rescued from a human trafficking ring

- Nine non-nationals arrested for possession of narcotics

- Five detainees escaped the Immigration Detention Centre

- Police rescued four Venezuelan women from a house at Diego Martin

- Fifty-six Venezuelans arrested and charged for illegal entry and,  

- Six Venezuelan women attack police

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