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Tuesday 11 August, 2020

Griffith slams Law Association on comments on 'police killings'

Pictured: Police Commissioner Gary Griffith.

Pictured: Police Commissioner Gary Griffith.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has criticised the Law Association for its comments on the death of a pregnant mother during a protest in Beetham last week.

Griffith, who dubbed the Law Association the “Lawyers’ Association, took issue with the Association’s declaration that Ornella Greaves’ death "was as a result of a police shooting".

He said the Association should mind its statements about matters which are under investigation.

“I am not saying that it may not have been from a police officer but in the same manner, the Lawyers' Association should not make irresponsible statements to say that it is.”

“This is what an investigation is about and the Lawyers' Association should be so guided.”

He also criticised the Association’s statements on a police-involved shooting in Second Caledonia, Morvant last weekend.

Griffith said the suggestion that every officer who was on the scene be suspended is “highly illogical”.

He questioned whether all lawyers on a case should be disciplined if one lawyer commits a serious breach.

The Police Commissioner accused the Law Association of being agenda based, stating that their sole concern is about police killings.

“There is no concern about police officers being shot at, or death threats to police officers, or hundreds of civilians being killed annually (not by police), or planned mayhem, or mob behaviour, or the destruction caused by some to destabilise the country.”

Griffith said the Association’s “true colours” have been exposed.

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